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 Thermal Sitting Mat


'Ondol' is the traditional Korean heating system, which has gaineda good reputation for its scientificand efficient awareness. This heating system, which allows agood heat radiation, heat conduction and convection current, is considered not only good for heating but also good forhealth. By heating up one's body, it helps have a good sleep, stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscular pain. DODAM heating mat has adopted the bestpart of the traditional Ondol heating system.


* Singlel heating mode
* Anti-electromagnetic waves
* Precious serpentine
* User-friendly stability and convenience
* Classy design

Model No : DMS7000

  Thermal Sitting Mat

    - Dimension(mm) : 550(L) x 600(W) x 20(H)
    - Electricity : 220V / 50~60Hz
    - Power Consumption : D.C 32V/80W
    - Safety Control : Max 120min / 25¡C~75¡C

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